Khum Dahn

“I got my wife Khum Dahn, the results were instantaneous, …you could see it in her face.”

Jim Carrey Doesn’t Exist

Jim Carrey claims he doesn't exist. In 1994, he catapulted to superstardom with unforgettable roles in 'Ace Ventura,' 'The Mask,' and 'Dumb and Dumber,' yet as …

The Most 80’s Movie Trailer

SUPPORT THE CHANNEL® Merch: Patreon: Created with @HiDeftheChef Smith Johnson - ​ …

Mamonas Assassinas Vira – Vira

Mamonas Assassinas were huge in the 90’s. They were a comedic rock group (obviously) who turned Portuguese folk music into rock songs, and were just funny. T …

Sounds Only Dads Can Hear

117K Likes, 2.3K Comments. TikTok video from Ceols Valin (@ceolsvalin): ''I mean he's not wrong. #dadrock #yachtrock #happyfathersday''. easy lover phil collins …

Band Gigs Be Like

Musicians know this one all too well! So excited to perform out that you’ll take literally any gig! From Sound Creation Station in Long Island, NY #music …