The Big Picture 2022 – bioGraphic

Each year, the California Academy of Sciences' renowned BigPicture Photography Competition celebrates some of the world's best photographers and the year's most …

$580,000 SNAKE BITE?

Why anti-venom was NOT very effective, its effect on my ''man parts'', crazy symptoms like texting gibberish, ''snakes'' in my skin, and why you can't just trus …

Dogs Paddleboard with Owner in Ocean

The owner of these dogs, Millie and Rama, took them out to the beach to catch some waves. They all hopped on a board, paddled out to sea, and rode the waves lik …

Piranha Scissors

Don`t have scissors? Just take a Piranha. Bite-Test at Cuyabeno Rainforest, Ecuador.

An incredible ancient mousetrap

Whoever built this engineering marvel was pretty clever but, as Rob shows, the mice were probably even smarter as you don't see these things around today.

How venoms kill – Venom 101

Venom... the word sends chills up your spine at the mere mention of it. And with good reason. Its aim is to incapacitate its victims and boy does it work a t...

SHIPWRECKS Depth Comparison (3D)

How deep are some of the best known sunken ships? Some of them are shown in this 3D animation, including some submarines and airplanes.