1. Willie Flowers says:

    Although the speaker was eloquent and put time and thought into his speech, I disagree.
    1. No one in this Country can use their job as a platform for Protest, you do that on your own time or get fired.
    2. Although the Bill of rights did not list standing for the pledge as a right, it is an obligation of Citizenship.
    3. Anyone who has taught Middle School knows that the adolescent mind of some students is contrary. You tell them to stand, they sit.Tell them to sit, they stand. Tell them to tuck in their shirts, they leave it. These players mentally have not progressed beyond Middle School.
    4. Mistreatment of Blacks, there is some but Blacks suffer more at the hands of each other than people from the White race. I don’t recall seeing any football players protesting Chicago gun violence.
    5. The speaker mentioned both Mexican and Muslim immigrants, most Americans including Trump has no problem with immigrants coming to the Country legally.
    6. Charlottesville was Fake, set-up by Soros, Clintons and Obama. The same people raising Hell the last 2 years.
    7. What is White Privilege?
    What is Black Privelege? Privilege is what ever a Father, Mother or Family member can pass on to a Family member. There are more Whites than Blacks, so there would be more White Privilege than Black. However, here is where Blacks can help themselves by reducing ‘Baby Daddy’s’ and working to pass something to their kids even if it’s just a work or a school ethic.

    1. Willie Flowers speaks nonsense says:

      1. Anyone can choose to protest anytime. What they risk is their choice. It’s called civil disobedience.
      2. The Bill of Rights predates both the pledge of allegiance (which, FYI, is not what they’re standing for) and the National Anthem. Get your history straight.
      3. It is not an obligation of a citizen to do anything other than to be loyal to, protect, and abide by our CONSTITUTION, not our flag, and not our anthem. Show the law you think obligates citizens to stand up at any time.
      4. So, if they don’t protest every global injustice, they are not allowed to address the one that concerns them currently?
      5. That is nonsense. Trump has purposely manipulated laws and norms to make it much harder for legal immigrants. People seeking asylum are protected by international law. Again, get your facts straight.
      6. Quite a bold statement that you cant possible back up with any reliable evidence. You’re not very good at propaganda.
      7. We’re not talking about privileges passed within families like using mom’s car or staying out past curfew. White privilege is the that I can walk through a store without scrutiny, but my darker skinned friend is likely to be trailed. White privilege is that I, as an able bodied person, can fall on the sidewalk and people will rush to help me, while a darker skinned person with a cane will be passed by and looked at with scorn. I have seen it. I have experienced it. Open your damn eyes.

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