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RATM – Bulls on Parade But It’s Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees

When you're the only one moshing at a discotheque.
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Genius Uses Jet Ski to Commute to Work

It sure beats the subway. Every weekday, 34-year-old David Pike jumps on his jet ski and makes the trip from Jersey City, New Jersey, across the Hudson River to …
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Joe Rogan’s entire being condensed into 19 seconds

Joe Rogan's entire being condensed into 19 seconds

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The Collyer Brothers – Down the Rabbit Hole

The bizarre, strange and sad tale of the reclusive Collyer Brothers.
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DJ Cummerbund – YYMilk

Rush + Kelis + Macho Man Randy Savage = MADNESS!
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The Strangest Animations You’ll Ever See

These incredibly weird animations make me feel like I'm stuck in a nightmare 😱

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The Glossary Of Debauchery

an exhaustive compilation of over-the-top sexual maneuvers, including classics like "Rusty Trombone", "Donkey Punch" and "Dirty Sanchez," and some new ones from …
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Neil Diamond – “The Christmas Special”

ahhh... the affirming head nods, the shoulder shrugs, the shoulder PADS!... sit back and enjoy as Neil serves up some smoothness. it ain't the holidays until t …
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Guidos Driving To Belmar

InterMadness premiered and hosted this classic clip on the interwebs, but was eventually asked to take it down by the guido driving the car. after Memorial Day …

Random Madness

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Toddler defends her choice of doll to confused Target cashier

A photo of a young white girl, clutching a black baby doll, has gone viral - thanks to its message of racial diversity and inclusion. The image was posted to Fa …
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Goddesses – Queens, NY Public Access TV

he's the world's first stripper/rapper, and she's got the funk in the trunk that he craves. only on public access...
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Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

this clip from an upcoming documentary called "Alive Inside" reveals the power that music has to unlock and unchain people's minds.

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