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Earth, Wind & Fire / Ozzy Osbourne Mashup

This mashup up of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train and Earth, Wind & Fire’s September works surprisingly well.
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WATCH: Explosive Dutch documentary says Trump has deep ties to Russia’s mafia underworld

Zembla promoted the documentary by saying, ''For months, the FBI have been investigating Russian interference in the American presidential elections. ZEMBLA is …
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Kid Tries to Scare Dad

This kid had the bright idea to prank his dad by hiding in a trash can and scare them when they threw out the trash.

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Man seen shredding San Diego streets on YouTube gets jail

A man seen in a tricked-out car speeding all over the streets of San Diego in a popular YouTube video received a four-day jail sentence Monday, officials said. …
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2×4 Becomes a Jack – Cool Trick

A handy tip, can be very valuable in certain situations. I could have done this a lot of different ways, but thought I would make the ''Post Jack'' to share. Th …
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Man driving two bumper cars down the street in China

A Chinese man going by the name of "Mr Zhang" was caught on surveillance camera driving a pair of bumper cars on a busy city road in the Taizhou, Zhejiang Provi …

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Benefits of Cucumber – Song

Uploaded by Dona Mitro on 2017-03-17.

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The Glossary Of Debauchery

an exhaustive compilation of over-the-top sexual maneuvers, including classics like "Rusty Trombone", "Donkey Punch" and "Dirty Sanchez," and some new ones from …
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Neil Diamond – “The Christmas Special”

ahhh... the affirming head nods, the shoulder shrugs, the shoulder PADS!... sit back and enjoy as Neil serves up some smoothness. it ain't the holidays until t …
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Guidos Driving To Belmar

InterMadness premiered and hosted this classic clip on the interwebs, but was eventually asked to take it down by the guido driving the car. after Memorial Day …

Random Madness

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Kung Fury Trailer

Kung Fury is an over-the-top action comedy that has it's foundation in 80s cop movies.
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Destroy Evil

created the night after George W Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech, this website by artist Katie Bush is a site of "evil animations" where everyday people digest the …
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The Daily Show – “Long Island Wants To Secede”

Samantha Bee talks to the intelligent revolutionaries who want to make Long Island the 51st state. J─GERBOMBS!

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